The Neighborhood Perspective: A Five Part Report From The Daily Line

During the month of December, The Daily Line interviewed dozens of organizers from every corner of Chicago, in an effort to obtain a sense of Chicago’s biggest political challenges, and whether or not Mayor Rahm Emanuel has turned a corner over the year since the Laquan McDonald shooting video exploded across the nation. We asked about Emanuel’s chances if he were running for office today, the biggest issues in Chicago’s neighborhoods, and whether new leadership was emerging where they lived, worked, and voted.

The Daily Line sought out neighborhood-level political leaders and organizers who had a track record of community involvement. We avoided interviews with elected officials, with a few exceptions for those who recently won office. While only some of these people will become leading strategists for Chicago’s future, all of them are actively shaping communities around Chicago, or will be relied on by future political campaigns to organize their community. They are results-oriented people, with a keen sense of politics, and are all influencers in their parts of Chicago.

Using those hours of interviews, we created a series of reports about the state of Chicago from the perspective of community leaders. A new chapter of our reports will be made available to subscribers each day the week of December 19. Then, on Saturday, December 24, we will make the entire series available for free to all readers. As each report is published, we’ll update the links below.

The Neighborhood Perspective: A Five Part Report From The Daily Line

Part 1 – Community Leaders: Frustrated With Emanuel Administration, But Waiting, Hoping For Improvements

Part 2 – A New Group Of African American Influencers Taking The Stage

Part 3 – Challenges For Mayor Emanuel: Trust, Violence And Development

Part 4 – Chicago’s Wedge Issues And Emerging Challengers

Part 5 – Their Words: Raw Comments From Our Interviews With Community Leaders


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