News in brief: Aldermen to consider renaming Lake Shore Drive; Cook County launches opioid outreach program; Lightfoot ‘deeply disappointed’ in Tunney allowing indoor dining at Ann Sather

DU SABLE DRIVE? — Members of the City Council Committee on Transportation and Public Way are set to meet at 1 p.m to consider a proposal (O2019-7918) to rename Lake Shore Drive to “Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable Drive,” a longtime demand of the group Black Heroes Matter. The ordinance, sponsored last year by Ald. David Moore (17) and cosponsored by 10 other aldermen, was added to the committee’s 20-page agenda on Wednesday. The committee is also set to vacate various street sections near 48th Street and Western Avenue to make way for the new Chicago Park District Headquarters. Also on Thursday, members of the Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety are scheduled during a 10 a.m. meeting  to approve an ordinance sponsored by Ald. Tom Tunney (44) (O2020-5223) that would consider 2020 residential permits to be valid through the first 10 days of the new year, giving permit-holders extra time to renew. The version of the ordinance posted online as of late Wednesday would have created a 15-day “grace period” for renewing expired parking permits, but Tunney plans to file a substitute ordinance shortening the period to 10 days, according to 44th Ward office director Denise Poelsterl. “Given that passes purchased online through the City Clerk’s website can take seven to ten days for processing and delivery, those purchasing passes late December may not receive then in a time ley manner,” Poelsterl wrote in a statement to The Daily Line Wednesday. “This grace period will allow residents ample time to obtain the appropriate permits and avoid citation for expired guest parking permit. (Alex Nitkin)

COOK COUNTY OPIOID INITIATIVE — Cook County public health leaders are launching a new initiative aimed at attacking the opioid epidemic in the Cook County suburbs, which has surged in line with the COVID-19 pandemic, county board President Toni Preckwinkle announced Wednesday. Under the program, the Cook County Department of Public Health will provide “technical assistance” for suburban police agencies to refer people facing addiction to “deflection programs” that point them toward “community-based treatment as an alternative to incarceration or the emergency room,” according to a press release. The initiative also aims to distribute naloxone injections and train suburban officers on how to use them on people experiencing overdoses. The Harvey, Markham and Maywood police departments have already participated in a “pilot” version of the program that has trained 78 officers and distributed 169 naloxone kits, officials said. County officials plan to expand the program to 12 police departments in a partnership with the group Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities. People who are referred by law enforcement into “deflection programs” will be assigned “deflection specialists” who help them access treatment as well as “housing, transportation, employment, and other barriers to staying in treatment,” according to the release. (Nitkin)

‘DEEPLY DISAPPPOINTED’ — Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaking during a news conference on the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday said she has spoken with Tunney and is “deeply disappointed” that he allowed indoor dining in his Ann Sather restaurant at 909 W. Belmont Ave. The city issued two citations to the Ann Sather restaurant for allowing indoor dining in violation of the statewide ban, according to a Tuesday news release from Lightfoot’s office. “Alderman Tunney understands he made an intentional decision to break the rules,” Lightfoot said. “He didn’t just break them as a businessperson, he broke them as an alderman who swore an oath to live and abide by a higher set of standards than the average person.” Lightfoot said she’s heard from “a number of restaurant owners” who request that the new rules in light of the pandemic be “enforced uniformly, that there’s no exceptions, and when people break those rules that they are held accountable.” Separately, Lightfoot was asked about the Fulton Market Association asking to meet with her to discuss data on coronavirus spread at restaurants and restore indoor dining. “I never appreciate hearing that somebody is demanding a meeting with the mayor for the very first time through the media,” Lightfoot said. “I think if you’re serious and you have something you want to bring to my attention, you actually just contact me and you don’t do it through the media.” (Erin Hegarty)