The full City Council met for a quick session Wednesday to procedurally defer and publish the package of ordinances composing the city’s 2018 Budget. This was also an opportunity for aldermen to introduce their own amendments. Only one was filed and it concerns the intergovernmental agreement with the Board of Education included in the 2018 revenue ordinance.

[Spreadsheet of Introduced Items.]

The amendment, O2017-8391, removes a provision authorizing the city budget director to disburse money from the city’s general fund to Chicago Public Schools. This is the first intergovernmental agreement with CPS that allows for the transfer of city funds to the financially troubled school district. The aldermen who introduced it, Brendan Reilly (42), Scott Waguespack (32) and Gilbert Villegas (36), said it sets a dangerous precedence.

A City Hall source told The Daily Line the group of aldermen filed an amendment removing a similar IGA to transfer funds to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) but the city clerk’s office didn’t include it in the introductions because it wasn’t filed on time.