After a 20 minute delay due to technical issues, the Committee quickly approved two real estate tax incentives to support the rehabilitation of two dilapidated industrial properties on the city’s Northwest Side.

Members present: Chairman Howard Brookins (21), Derrick Curtis (18), Michael Scott, Jr. (24), Jason Ervin (28), Chris Taliaferro (29), Carlos Ramirez Rosa (35), Marge Laurino (39), Tom Tunney (44)

A class 6(b) property tax incentive to help support the purchase and rehabilitation of a nearly century-old, vacant, 110,000-square-foot industrial warehouse in Austin (5801 W. Dickens Ave.) passed committee Monday. Miller Bay, LLC, the applicant, plans to spend $1.8 million dollars renovating the facility, but they don’t have a tenant lined up yet, according to Essie Banks, who testified on behalf of the Department of Planning and Development.

Calling the site an “eyesore” and threat to public safety, former police officer and 29th Ward Alderman Chris Taliaferro said he was glad to see the property put to good use after it had been vacant for close to four years. “In fact, as a police officer in that area, where I worked the last three years, we had to constantly send patrol over there because of the illegal breaking in and all the other things I won’t mention that happened in that area,” he said.

The second application, introduced by Mayor Emanuel, would help Berman Mid City Nissan rehabilitate two vacant, industrial buildings in Avondale into a new car dealership (3444-56 N. Kedzie Ave.). The company is seeking a Class 7(b) tax incentive to help with the $19 million dollar renovation that will turn one site into a showroom and the other site into a vehicle storage and service center. Denise Roman, with the Department of Planning and Development, said the applicant plans to relocate from their Irving Park location once the project is complete. The new dealership is expected to generate $7 million in sales tax revenue, Roman added. The two warehouses are located in Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa’s 35th Ward. He testified in support, calling their existing facility “beautiful”.