Aaron Bailey, our new CTO.

Today we’re excited to announce that Aaron Bailey is joining The Daily Line as our Chief Technology Officer. This is a significant step for us as we prepare work to bring more data and better overall services to our subscribers.

Especially for our readers, the future of news is in providing more and better data, since you tend to be already highly informed and are often just looking for that one piece of information that will change your decision making. We already have excellent data journalists on our team, as Rae Hodge just earned a Master’s Degree focusing on data journalism, and Claudia Morell has been employing some great tools as part of her regular reporting.

We’ve got some big plans that involve adding new services for subscribers, so we’re bringing in Aaron, who has the development experience to bring them everything together.

Our team first got to know him in 2004 as one of Chicagoist’s first writers and Aaron has an extensive background in digital news. He spent the last two decades at the intersection of media and technology, directing digital strategy for companies such as National Review, NBCUniversal and Washingtonian Magazine. Most recently, he founded and then sold 601am, a digital agency and software startup that provided solutions to media organizations and large publishers.

Thank you again for reading and subscribing to The Daily Line. We love what we do, and we’re looking forward to bringing you some exciting work!

Mike Fourcher