After meeting for more than two hours, the “District Committee” tasked with appointing a replacement for the late Rep. Esther Golar held no vote and decided to reconvene at a later date. The Committee, chaired by 15th Ward Ald. and Democratic Committeeman Raymond Lopez, will recess to accommodate the vacancy of 16th Ward Committeeman, the late JoAnn Thompson

According to Lopez’s Facebook pageGenita Robinson, Dedrick Rent, Eric White, Eddie Daniels, Kenyatta “Nicole” Vaughn, Eddie Johnson, Keith Kysel, Sonya HarperMichael Finney, and Glen Fulton are all candidates for consideration, though Fulton wasn’t present last night. Lopez told Aldertrack the group, including Ald. Pat Dowell (3), Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6), and Cook County Comm. John Daley (who is also the 11th Ward Dem. Committeeman), spent the meeting talking to potential appointees. 

“I want to give the Democrats of the 16th Ward the opportunity to choose a committeeman in order to participate,” Lopez wrote, “We have until October 21 to name a representative and will move the process accordingly.”