Chicago aldermen are about to take a vote on a total overhaul of the city’s police accountability structure. It will establish a new agency to investigate police misconduct and establish a new auditing position that can diagnose law enforcement trends. It has been in the works for months, and from what we can tell, it’s a done deal with aldermen–it’s unlikely there will be be much of a fuss.

In a sit-down with the Aldercast this week, Tracy Siska, a criminologist and mayoral critic who has contributed to the drafting of the ordinance up for a vote, says even with this vote, the city is far from fixing the relationship between police and the community, and that both bodies have fatal flaws that damage their credibility. We’ll talk to Siska, the Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project, about the remaining recommendations from the Police Accountability Task Force, the looming Department of Justice investigation, and the Mayor’s PR problem.

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