For several months, The Daily Line has tracked where the top fundraisers in the mayoral race are receiving their funds. Thanks to some help from Thomas Ogorzalek, an assistant professor of Political Science and Urban Studies at Northwestern University, we now have those donations mapped.

Map – Mayoral Contributions 2019: Selected Candidates

For context and comparison, we’ve included Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s donations beginning in April 2018. That’s when businessman Willie Wilson gave himself $100,000, lifting the contribution caps. Emanuel almost immediately began bringing in millions weekly. For scale, the size of the red circles corresponds to the size of the donation.

We have included Dorothy Brown, Paul Vallas, Garry McCarthy and Lori Lightfoot. Wilson is still largely self-funded, so his inclusion does not tell much of a story. You may toggle which candidates you’d like to see by clicking “content” on the sidebar. Feel free to zoom out to see donations nationwide.

Lightfoot’s fundraising is concentrated on the city’s Loop and North Side, with several donors clustered near the lakefront and in the northern suburbs. She likewise has a small group of donors in Oakland, Kenwood and Hyde Park.

Vallas similarly counts a higher concentration of donors on the North Side, but fewer in number than Lightfoot. He also has pockets of donors in the Western Suburbs.

McCarthy and Brown have far fewer individual donors in the city, and roughly the same number of donors in the suburbs as in the city.

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