Workforce Committee quickly approved Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s appointment of Karen Coppa to the city’s Human Resources Board, a three member body that hears cases of alleged misconduct against city employees. Coppa briefly highlighted her tenure with the city–she worked in the City’s Law Department between 2000-2014–before the Committee approved her appointment. George Blakemore was the only witness to sign up for public testimony.

Members Present: Chairman Pat O’Connor (40), Raymond Lopez (15), Howard Brookins, Jr. (21), Walter Burnett (27), Emma Mitts (37), Michelle Smith (43). 

The Committee also approved a contract for 17 police communications operators in the City’s Office of Emergency Management and Communication. The term of the agreement is from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2017, with a 1.25% raise for each of the first three years and a 1.5% raise for that last two years.  The Union’s President Becky Strzechowski and Secretary-Treasurer Michael G. Melone negotiated the deal with the city, but did not speak at the hearing. The City’s Assistant Chief Labor Negotiator, Cicely Porter Adams, says the collective bargaining agreement took 17 months to negotiate. “It’s the best deal possible for taxpayers,” she testified. Blakemore spoke on that item, too. The appointment and contract will advance to the full City Council for a vote at the end of the month.