City Council will meet twice this month. Wednesday’s meeting will have a light docket of the usual city business, including a new airport contractor licensing agreement that includes a labor peace agreement and $13.45 wage floor for workers, a ban on late night sales of 40-ounce malt liquor and new rules to more tightly control stolen cell phone fencing. Llater this month, Council is expected to schedule a second meeting to begin annual budget hearings.

License Committee Meeting

The Chicago Cubs, pushing to remain at the top of their division through the end of the season, will come back from a Pittsburgh Pirates night game to meet the 2nd place Milwaukee Brewers on Friday. So they can get some rest and keep their 3.5 game edge, the Cubs have asked to change their previously scheduled 1:20 p.m. afternoon game to a 7:05 p.m. game. With that in mind, License Committee Chair Emma Mitts (37) will convene her committee before the full City Council meeting at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday to pass a change in the Cubs scheduling agreement allowing an additional night game for the season.

Following is a rundown of the significant items expected to be voted on in Wednesday’s meeting.

Money For Neighborhood Opportunity Fund

Chicago’s Neighborhood Opportunity Fund (NOF), designed to spur economic development in commercial corridors on the city’s South and West Sides, will get an influx of $3.5 million pending full City Council approval. Aldermen on City Council’s Budget Committee voted to increase the NOF’s funding limit to $6.5 million on Tuesday via O2017-5506.

“Technical Changes” To Catalyst Fund

Described as a “fund of funds” dedicated to attracting other investors who will hopefully provide three or four times as much money as the city, Treasurer Kurt Summers introduced a group of what he called “technical changes” to the Chicago Community Catalyst Fund in O2017-5550. The goal of the fund is to bring gap funding to businesses in struggling communities on the South and West Sides.

Chicago Development Fund Governing Board Expansion

The Chicago Development Fund, which has both a governing and an Advisory Board, will be expanded from seven to nine members, adding the chair of the Advisory Board and a member of the Department of Planning and Development appointed by the commissioner. The change found in O2017-5507 aims to help the board could hit quorum.

New Airports Licensing Agreement

Over 8,000 workers for airline support services companies at O’Hare and Midway Airports would receive a wage hike and new training as part of a new, proposed license agreement with the City of Chicago. The 30-page agreement covered in O2017-5553 would force companies that provide food, cleaning, security, baggage handling and myriad services for airlines to accept a labor peace agreement and wage hikes.

40 oz. And Tall Boy Ban

Package stores would be banned from selling beer containers smaller than 41 oz. and wine or liquor containers smaller than 25 oz. after midnight as the result of a new ordinance sponsored by Ald. Brian Hopkins (2). Ordinance S2016-7589 targets sales of “forties” and “tall boys”, a favorite of revelers with little pocket change looking to keep the party going.

Secondary Cell Phone Market Rules

Directly introduced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, SO2017-5552 would regulate secondary cell phone markets. The issue gained the Mayor’s interest after his son, Zach, was robbed of his cell phone near his Ravenswood home in December 2014. The ordinance directs pawn shops and phone resellers to check the national Stolen Phone Database at and prohibits resellers to purchase phones with serial numbers that match the database.

Dealer Key Lock Boxes

Introduced by Alds. Pat O’Connor (40) and Harry Osterman (48), SO2017-3222 would require all dealerships, showrooms and rental lots to store car keys and dealer plates in lockboxes to deter theft. The measure was held in committee on July 18 because businesses operating around airports wanted a carveout. Meant to address carjackings at dealerships and rental lots in Chicago, the ordinance especially impacts rental car companies around O’Hare and Midway airports which can have over 2,000 cars out at any given time.


Jose Lopez v. Chicago Police Officers & City of Chicago – $9.5 million – Chicago paramedics were attempting to assist Jose Lopez in June 2011, who had complained of chest pains. Lopez, was refusing treatment when Officer Stevan Vidljinovic claimed Lopez took a swing at him. Vidljinovic then tased Lopez, which caused him to fall and hit his head. Lopez’ attorney says he now cannot talk and can only move a little. The case went to trial but before the jury determined damages the city settled.

Alexander et al v. Zinchuck et al – $395,000 – This settlement is the result of a suit by a group of 2008 election night revelers who say they were pepper sprayed and beaten by Chicago Police on the West Side while they were celebrating Barack Obama’s presidential victory.


A2017-74 – Juan M. Calderon to Board of Health

A2017-77 – Alexandra Holt to Metra Board

A2017-78 – Philip K. Fuentes and Sarah Pang Board of Directors of Regional Transportation Authority

A2017-79 – Thomas J. Kotel to Board of Directors of Regional Transportation Authority

A2017-80 – Alexander Theoharis to SSA16, Greektown/Halsted Commission

A2017-81 – Ceasar J. Melidis to SSA16, Greektown/Halsted Commission

A2017-82 – Anastasia Makridakis to SSA16, Greektown/Halsted Commission

A2017-83 – A.Thomas Paspalas, Greektown/Halsted Commission

A2017-84 – Mark Zipperer to SSA18, North Halsted Commission

A2017-85 – Randy L. Shingledecker to SSA18, North Halsted Commission

A2017-86 – Amy L. Novotny to SSA27, West Lakeview Commission

A2017-87 – Kathryn Romanowski to SSA54, Sheridan Road Commission

A2017-88 – Stephanie D. Fishel to SSA60, Albany Park Commission

A2017-89 – Alfred M. Klairmont and Robert J. Smith III to SSA62, Sauganash Commission