35th Ward Ald. Carlos Ramirez Rosa and his staffers held a 45-minute teleconference Thursday with constituents to outline achievements from his first 100 days in City Council. Rosa’s office released a slick Progress Report and State of the Ward Report outlining more than 30 initiatives he’s started.

Some of his initiatives are par for the course aldermanic activities, like testifying on school closings and talking with community leaders. Others are bigger picture, such as creating a senior citizen task force, spearheading a non-governmental (read: outside of the Mayor’s reach) immigration working group, and implementation of participatory budgeting in the next menu money cycle.

For data hounds, Rosa’s Ward Report includes some useful information on affordable housing, local chambers of commerce, area demographics, and other facts and figures. When stacked up against aldermen who have next to no online presence, it sets a high bar for constituent communication.