The good news finally broke Thursday afternoon that Republican and Democratic leadership reached a compromise on school funding.

While most details are still unknown, Mayor Rahm Emanuel suggested Chicago Public Schools will see a boost and a pension pick-up under the new agreement, though may face a property tax increase. Meanwhile, private schools could see a $75 million scholarship program. The Sun-Times reports the deal also includes mandate relief, but none of the collective bargaining requests offered by the Governor Bruce Rauner

From House and Senate GOP leaders: “This afternoon the four legislative leaders and the governor reached an agreement in principle on historic school funding reform. Language will be drafted and details of the agreement released once the drafts have been reviewed.”

  • Another staffing shakeup in Rauner’s office saw the departure of General Counsel Dennis Murashako and communications staffers Diana Rickert, Brittany Carl, and Laurel Patrick. Some are saying Chief of Staff Kristina Rasmussen could be out as well.

  • The House Executive Committee will meet at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 29 in room 118 of the Capitol. Currently, there are 11 bills on the agenda, one of which authorizes $10 billion in bonds. Another addresses PTELL limits.

  • The House is expected to convene Monday at 4:30 p.m.

Full Agenda of the Board of Elections’ Aug. 22 Meeting

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