Gov. Bruce Rauner and Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady call Sunday afternoon for the senate to support Rauner’s amendatory veto of SB1 before the Senate meets. The Senate voted to override the veto.

The Senate overrode Governor Bruce Rauner’s SB1 amendatory veto 38-19 Sunday, with one unexpected Republican convert. The House now has 15 days to act, but convenes Wednesday. The Senate adjourned Sine Die and no further dates appear on its calendar this week.

Full roll call vote of the Senate’s amendatory veto override

If the House fails to override Rauner’s veto and SB1 dies, the Senate will send its understudy, SB3163, to the governor’s desk. As a legislative vehicle, SB3163 cleared the House and returned to the Senate where it dropped off the radar in May. It was quietly moved to Assignments last Tuesday before being brought back to the floor post caucus-break, fully loaded with SB1 language in Senate Amendment 2. If the failsafe measure were sent to Rauner, the bill would start the veto-and-override saga all over again, allowing Democrats to play for more time in the negotiating process.

Senate roll call vote on SB3163’s passage.

  • The only Republican member to flip their vote was Sen. Wm Sam McCann (R-Jacksonville) whom, as Capitol Fax first noted, picked up a $53,900 donation from Illinois Education Association earlier this month. IEA members were seen in the Senate gallery hugging in celebration after the vote.

  • An amendment to the Illinois Income Tax Credit, HB162, cleared both houses today, sponsored by Rep. Michael J. Zalewski (D-Riverside). Another Zalewski bill, HB2505, carried by Senate President John Cullerton, was placed on the calendar for a third reading. The bill authorizes Brookfield LaGrange Park School District to issue $20 million in bonds.

  • Banks and Automated Teller Machine owners with multiple complaints against them would get a helping hand under SB331. The bill would reduce maximum civil penalties by 90% for offenders. It cleared the Senate today on a nearly unanimous vote and is headed for the House.

  • Sen. Kwame Raoul’s (D-Chicago) SB734 cleared the Senate after a concurrence vote and now heads to Rauner’s desk. The bill allows a board chair of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority to hold the position for a third term.

  • The House Approp. Elementary and Secondary Education Committee will convene Wednesday at 9:00 a.m., Room 114. Floor session will convene at 11:00 a.m.