Fundraising saw an uptick this week as campaign season rolled on. While the Senate holds the fate of school funding we’ll continue keeping tabs on A-1 filings every week. Meanwhile, a slate of lawmakers, many Republicans among them, have announced this week they’ll no longer be seeking office, opening up four more seats ahead of the 2018 election. Here’s is a round-up of those filling their coffers and those saying their goodbyes:   

Senate A-1s For The Week

  • A-1, Dave Syverson Campaign Committee
  • A-1, Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate
  • A-1, Friends of Heather Steans
  • A-1, Friends of Toi Hutchinson
  • A-1, Friends of Dave Koehler
  • A-1, Friends of Mattie Hunter
  • A-1, McGuire for Senate
  • A-1, Citizens for Pamela J Althoff
  • A-1, Friends of Terry Links
  • A-1, Julie Morrison for State Senate
  • A-1, Friends of Clayborne
  • A-1, Bennett for Senate
  • A-1, Citizens for Al Riley

Retiree Roundup

The group joins four other Republicans General Assembly colleagues this year in announcing they will not seek re-election in November. Others who have announced in recent months include: House Assistant Republican Leader Chad Hays (R-104), Sen. Tim Bivins (R-45), Sen. Christine Radogno (R-45), Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-54).