ILLINOIS’ ELDERLY AT HIGHEST COVID-19 RISK — Seventy-eight percent of the people who died in Illinois to date from Covid-19 were 65 or older. That’s according to an analysis released last week from KFF, a San Francisco-based non-profit research organization that focuses on national health issues. The finding shows that Illinois is slightly below the national average (80 percent) but still above 14 other states. The worst state for deaths among the elderly is Idaho, where 94 percent of all Covid-related deaths recorded so far have been among those aged 65 and older. The state with the least is Texas at 70 percent. A presiding factor for states where a large percentage of deaths are the elderly are those that have struggled with breakouts of the virus at long-term care facilities. Those states include Idaho, New Hampshire (92 percent), Massachusetts (90 percent), Rhode Island (90 percent), Minnesota (89 percent), Connecticut (89 percent), Pennsylvania (87 percent), Ohio (86 percent), Kentucky (84 percent), and Delaware (83 percent). Illinois ranks sixth in the U.S. for total deaths for people aged 65 and up (the leading state is New York). In Illinois, the greatest impact was felt by those aged 85 and up (31 percent), followed by those aged 75-84 (25 percent), those aged 65-74 (22 percent), those 55-64 (13 percent), and those under age 55 (9 percent). (Mark Guarino)