No Meetings In August
Following tradition, Council will not meet in August and there are no scheduled committee meetings next month, according to our sources. Some sort of emergency could change that, but vacation plans have been made so we do not expect it to change.

Finance to Vote on Infrastructure Trust Changes
The Committee on Finance scheduled an extra meeting at 9:15 a.m. this morning before the 10:00 a.m. full Council meeting to vote on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’sproposed amendments to the Chicago Infrastructure Trust Board. On Monday Finance Committee Chairman Ed Burke allowed discussion on the two ordinances appointing new leadership to the Trust and expanding the board by two members, but deferred consideration for today because he wanted more time to review the Mayor’s proposed changes. (Agenda)

Ald. Moreno Holds Stop And Frisk Press Conference
Ald. Joe Moreno (1) plans to hold a press conference ahead of the full City Council meeting to address issues he has with the police department’s “stop and frisk” policy. Moreno will introduce an ordinance based on an American Civil Liberties Union report, asking that Chicago police officers record all stops–not just those that result in an arrest. The ordinance would also mandate a training program to teach officers how stops should be conducted.

OLIG Rejects Ethics Amendment Up for Vote
Legislative Inspector General Faisal Khan blasted amendments to the ethics code the Committee on Committees, Rules, and Ethics approved Monday, saying the changes “will destroy the ability for citizens to make complaints without fear of retaliation and will have a chilling effect on potential witnesses.” He is especially concerned with the provision requiring his office submit all evidence gathered in the course of an investigation to the Board of Ethics, who he says in turn will provide that information to the subject of the investigation. “The evidence turned over would include complainants’ names, addresses, testimony, and other investigative materials. This is flat out wrong and dangerous,” Khan says in a press release.

Steve Berlin, Executive Director of the Board of Ethics, described those changes as a “snag list” that will make the ethics rules run smoother. We wrote about his testimony in Monday’s newsletter, or you can read the full ordinance.