Committee on Aviation Creates New O’Hare Parking Programs

The Committee on Aviation met briefly to approve an updated concession agreement with Simply Wheelz, LLC and to defer Mayor Emanuel’s ordinance requiring concession agreements between parking providers at O’Hare Airport and the Aviation Commissioner. That ordinance would have also created a premium parking service program.


Committee on License and Consumer Protection Approves New Booting Rules

A quick Committee on License and Consumer Protection meeting yesterday concluded with what aldermen described as “weirdness”: an ordinance regarding car booting, which is usually submitted by the  local alderman, had the City Clerk listed as the sponsor.

The Committee approved all items on the agenda, including a direct introduction from Mayor Emanuel amending the Municipal Code regarding crane operator licensing, extending the effective date from September 1, 2015 to March 1, 2016. Matthew Beaudet with the City Building Department said changing the effective date will not conflict with upcoming updated OSHA licensing requirements. Chairman Emma Mitts (37) asked one item (O2015-4660), an ordinance allowing packaged goods on a portion of W. Division, be deferred.

The only bit of weirdness came with the last few agenda items permitting wards to allow “booting” of cars on private property by private firms. Ald. Brian Hopkins asked if the 2nd Ward could be included, and provided brief testimony about small businesses who said shoppers were parking in their spots, but shopping elsewhere. The committee approved his request.

An identical ordinance from the 31st Ward was next, but neither Ald. Milly Santiago nor the listed sponsor, City Clerk Susanna Mendoza, were present. A representative from Santiago’s office told the committee Ald. Santiago had no objection to the private booting, and that the businesses had simply been remapped into the 31st Ward. Ald. Tom Tunney said Santiago should have introduced the ordinance. “It’s a little weird,” he said. Chairman Mitts agreed, but both voted to approve the ordinance.