When we sat down with Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7 President Dean Angelo to ask what Chicago is doing right on crime, he paused. It was the only time in our interview when he didn’t have an answer ready. “I think Chicago is looking for opportunities, and I think they’re looking for answers, and that’s a step in the right direction.” And Chicagoans are watching their police force’s every step.

Angelo has been the top union leader for just over a year, stepping up to the position mid-contract negotiation, pivoting to a pension agreement, and now helping his members manage a summer where the number of shootings in the city have already topped 1,000. In our “Chicago Influencers” interview with Angelo, he talks overtime (“Do we need more policemen? Yes. Will that lower overtime right away? I don’t think so.”), to Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy (“I can’t fathom how it is down there on 35th every day.”) to how the FOP’s relationship with Mayor Rahm Emanuel has changed (“I think it could be worse,”).