By the Founding Members of Northwest Side Coalition Against Racism: Sonia Mozek, David Sutherland, Michael Rabbitt, Mary Shapiro, Colleen Gaca, Al Grippe, Georgette Ginter, Dawn Nettnin, and Monica Dillon

The Northwest Side Coalition Against Racism is calling for all far Northwest Side aldermen to work toward racial healing and transformative justice in our communities and throughout the City of Chicago.

At the June 17 city council meeting, Aldermen Sposato and Napolitano had the opportunity to vote on key legislation intended to racially heal our city, and they failed us.  Moving forward we would like to see all local far Northwest Side aldermen cast votes in favor of measures that would ensure racial justice and equity for all city of Chicago residents.

Specifically, we ask for far Northwest Side aldermen to work to meet the demands of Black Lives Matter Chicago.

We believe taxpayer dollars should be reallocated to spend more money on mental health care, job development, affordable housing, transportation and youth initiatives, and less on a militarized police force with a long history racial terrorism.

We strongly urge 41st Ward Alderman Napolitano to withdraw his proposed resolution for a pilot project to relocate Chicago police officers ward by ward. Alderman Napolitano’s resolution is deeply disturbing and insulting to residents who want to develop fair and equitable solutions as to how we are policed. The Northwest Side Coalition Against Racism also encourages far Northwest Side aldermen to co-sponsor the Juneteenth Ordinance.

Let us work together across all of Chicago’s 77 communities to develop a racially just and equitable City of Chicago.  We ask all elected city council members, especially far Northwest Side aldermen, to support legislation to racially heal our city.

The NWS Coalition Against Racism is the voice of Chicago’s Northwest Side and we stand in solidarity with Black and Brown individuals and communities, those most affected by racism. We are committed to the transformation of our neighborhoods into antiracist, authentically diverse communities where everyone who lives, works or visits our neighborhoods will experience compassion, welcome and equity.