The Council’s Education Committee meets today to consider one agenda item: a resolution calling for a hearing to determine the impact and consequences of consolidating child development programs at City Colleges to a single location: Truman College.

It’s the Education Committee’s first meeting since Ald. Howard Brookins’ Jr. (21) took over as chairman. He succeeded Ald. Will Burns (4), who resigned from the Council in April. It’s also the committee’s first meeting of 2016. 

The resolution, introduced by Ald. Scott Waguespack (32), requests that the Council look into a decision by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and City Colleges Chancellor Cheryl Hyman to shut down all Child Development programs at five City Colleges and consolidate the program to Truman College, located on the North Side of the city. The programs teach students how to interact with and instruct children up to three years of age.  

“This decision will result in the loss of access to Chicago Citizens from the South and West Sides to high quality, nationally recognized education in Child Development that is currently available to them within their communities as of Fall 2016,” the preamble of the resolution states.

The resolution also accuses the Emanuel Administration of making the decision to consolidate without input from impacted communities, and argues that the programs should be halted until the hearing is conducted.

Twelve aldermen have signed on as co-sponsors.