Health Committee Chairman George Cardenas (12) tells Aldertrack that he’ll be scheduling a second committee meeting ahead of the June 22nd monthly City Council meeting so aldermen can vote on an ordinance calling for more humane handling of wild coyotes in Chicago.

Ald. Brian Hopkins (2) introduced the measure calling on the city’s Department of Animal Care and Control to “utiliz[e] education and humane hazing methods as primary methods and using lethal force only in the event of an accident or attack” when dealing with coyotes in the city.

The Health Committee already held a hearing on the ordinance last month. And Ald. Hopkins brought in two subject matter experts–Stan Gehrt of Ohio State University and Chris Anchor with the Cook County Forest Preserve–to elaborate on Cook County’s growing coyote population. But Chairman Cardenas held the measure. At the time, Hopkins’ office said the hold was to ensure there was no conflict with the state’s Animal Welfare Commission.

Prior to yesterday’s meeting, Cardenas made a request with the Clerk’s office to amend yesterday’s agenda to include the item, but the notice was filed too late. After yesterday’s meeting, which was a lengthy two-hour briefing on ComEd’s annual progress with only four aldermen present, Cardenas told Aldertrack that he’ll schedule a second meeting to hold a vote on the coyote item before the June monthly City Council meeting.