Emanuel’s trio – Three of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s highest-priority bills have encountered snags so far, with just one — a bill addressing carjackings — anticipated to clear its final hurdle and head to the governor’s desk.

  • A massive bill which would have overhauled the state’s sports betting laws and cleared the way for a Chicago casino died Monday in the House Executive Committee on a 5-4 vote.

    [Chicago Sun-Times: Rahm thinks latest Chicago casino bill is a loser, City Hall adviser says]

  • An Emanuel-backed bill allowing police to use drones to surveill “large crowds” without a warrant was resurrected Tuesday with a new House floor amendment after being defeated in a full House vote Friday. SB2562 was given new life with a minor change under HFA1, from Chicago Democratic Rep. John D’Amico. The amendment would increase the definition of “large” from a police-estimated 100 people to a police-estimated 1,500 people. The amendment does not address the concerns of data privacy raised by some opponents.

    Chicago Democratic Rep. Ann Williams filed HFA3, which bars the use of the drones for monitoring political rallies or religious gatherings. HFA3 also raises the bar on the estimated crowd size to 10,000 attendees. Williams said the move specifically reflects the desire of the sponsor to use drone monitoring for entertainment and music festival events where previous shootings have occurred such as Lollapalooza.

Tobacco 21 – The Illinois House shot down a bill Tuesday that would have banned the sale of tobacco products to consumers under 21 years of age. SB2332 failed by four votes. Oak Park Democratic Rep. Camille Lilly moved to hold the bill on postponement, keeping it alive temporarily. Reporting for CapFax, Hannah Meisel snapped a picture of the vote count. [Tweet]

Gun bills – Two bills moved ahead Tuesday, closing in on final passage. Oak Park Democratic Sen. Don Harmon’s Gun Shop Bill 2.0 cleared the House on a narrow vote. SB337 passed 65-49, and is headed back to the Senate where it is expected to receive concurrence tomorrow before heading off to Gov. Bruce Rauner. Meanwhile, Deerfield Democratic Sen. Julie Morrison carried the Red-Flag Gun Restraining Order Bill, HB2354, through Senate Judiciary Committee passage on a 9-3 vote. At the time of publication, the measure was placed on the full Senate’s calendar for consideration on May 30.

New #MeToo – NBC’s Mary Ann Ahern reports a new voice may be added to Springfield’s #MeToo movement Thursday. According to Denise Rotheimer, who spoke out against Chicago Democratic Sen. Ira Silverstein, a new female activist will come forward to name a “leading lawmaker” as a longtime abuser.