The City Council’s Committee on Transportation and Public Way meets today at 11:00 a.m. to consider the appointment of Rev. Johnny L. Miller to the the Chicago Transit Board, the governing arm of the Chicago Transit Authority.

It’s one of the few city board positions that are compensated. Members receive a $25,000 yearly stipend to attend monthly board meetings where they are asked to consider and approve construction and concession contracts as well as intergovernmental agreements with various city and state agencies. Seven members serve on the Chicago Transit Board: four are appointed by the mayor, three by the Governor.

Miller, a pastor at the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in the city’s East Garfield Park neighborhood, also served as a member of the Chicago Police Board. He was appointed by Mayor Daley and re-appointed by Mayor Emanuel in 2011. He was replaced by Rev. Michael Eaddy, pastor of the People’s Church of the Harvest Church of God, in February of 2014.

Mayor Emanuel recommended Miller to succeed the late Rev. Charles E. Robinson on the Transit Board. Robinson was also a West Side pastor. If approved by the full City Council, Miller’s term would expire September 1, 2021.