Dear Reader,

We are excited to announce new ownership and a bright future for The Daily Line. Our primary investors, Don and Jay Vincent, are taking the reins to ensure that TDL continues providing critical coverage to its subscribers while realizing the vision of its founders and investors.

We are thrilled to know that The Daily Line’s reporters will remain part of the team as the new leadership sees them as the cornerstone of the company and the fabric of TDL. Frankly, TDL’s reporting is best in class amongst its peers.

A special thanks to A.D. Quig, Rae Hodge and Heather Cherone along with all of those who have contributed so meaningfully to this publication since its early days as Aldertrack, especially our founding reporter, Claudia Morell, now at WBEZ.

Please know, as founders, we know this business is in great hands and we have prepared it well for it’s future. Chicago and Springfield need this publication. The new owners believe that too.

TDL’s reporters along with its new leadership leave us confident that Chicago and Springfield can count on The Daily Line to provide compelling and in-depth coverage of what will undoubtedly be the most expensive gubernatorial election in history and a competitive fight for the future of Chicago and Illinois well into the future.

Thank you for being our readers. The fact is, you all made this possible.


Jimm, Mike and Ramsin