On Friday evening, the Chicago Police Department released dash-cam videos and details of the 2011 police shooting and arrest of Tiffani Jacobs, an armed robbery suspect who had evaded police and whom police say tried to run down an officer. Aldertrack first reported the existence of the video on Wednesday, April 20, after receiving reports of the video from black pastors who had received courtesy calls from CPD about the video.

Watch dash-cam video.

Despite three days of requests to the Police Department and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office, police and mayoral press relations staff would not confirm or deny the existence of the video until its release Friday evening.

According to police reports, Jacobs’ was spotted driving a car through a gas station in Lawndale on the evening of May 25, 2011. The automobile was a suspected getaway car from a recent armed robbery of a McDonald’s earlier that night. Believing Jacobs was bringing the car to a stop, Officer Matthew Brackenapproached the car on foot, then Jacobs sped up, attempting to run him down, according to police reports, but disputed by Jacobs who says she was just trying to avoid parked police cars. Bracken fired his gun at Jacobs through the windshield five times, hitting her in the chest. Jacobs then left the gas station in her car, and multiple police units pursued her.

Documents provided by CPD include a dash-cam video, with sound muted, showing the pursuit and stop of Jacobs’ car. In the video, she steps out of her car and is grabbed by her hair and thrown to the ground by a police officer, then tasered by another before finally being handcuffed.

Jacobs late pled guilty to the armed robbery charge and is now serving 12 years in state prison.

According to a statement released by police Friday evening, “The Superintendent found that the officers’ actions in apprehending one of the offenders – who is now serving time in jail — concerning. As a result, [Supt. Eddie Johnson] has requested the use of force investigation to be reopened and has stripped two officers of their police powers pending the outcome of an independent review.”