Find the latest COVID-19 case counts and case demographics for your area, as reported by the Illinois Department of Public Health, with the lookup tool below, presented here in collaboration with The Chicago Reporter.

IDPH is not providing ZIP code-level data in ZIP codes with fewer than six cases for privacy reasons, so this data is not exhaustive. Additionally, some location data has yet to be provided by commercial laboratories.

COVID-19 data source: Illinois Department of Public Health. Some data has yet to be provided by commercial laboratories (including counties). IDPH is working with commercial labs to obtain the necessary data. All numbers displayed are provisional and subject to change. ZIP code is ZIP code of residence, which may not be location of exposure.

Geographic and population data source: US Census/American Community Survey. Per-capita figures are not calculated for ZIP codes with population margin of error greater than ± 10%. This map and figures display US Census ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs). The boundaries of ZCTAs may vary slightly from from postal ZIP codes.