Plans to boost police presence at Chicago train stations and parks will be under consideration Monday by the City Council Committee on Public Safety. The plans are in the form of two ordinances that’d renew intergovernmental agreements with the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Transit Authority.

The CTA agreement is part of CPD’s Voluntary Special Employment Program (VSEP), which allows sworn officers to volunteer their off-duty hours to sister agencies. The Park District agreement expands existing “baseline services” CPD provides through routine patrols of public green space. The agreements detail the salary reimbursements, maximum number officers allowed, and other standard IGA language.


  • IGA WITH CTA O2017-1953CPD would provide up to 11 dedicated full time supervisors to CPD’s Public Transportation Section with CTA, reimbursing the city for “the actual salaries and benefits associated with those supervisors”. CTA would have the authority to request up to 60 police officers to patrol train and bus stations or along transit routes. The limit on officers does not include those who are part of CPD’s transit division, whose normal full-time duties include patrolling CTA area.


  • IGA WITH PARK DISTRICT O2017-1956 Similar the agreement with the CTA, additional police officers would be offered to the Park District, “through dedicated police patrol watches primarily at mutually determined Chicago park locations along the lakefront as deemed necessary and for other law enforcement purposes including, but not limited to, eliminating violent crimes and drug-related crimes, and improving safety and security for Chicago residents.” Under the agreement, the Chicago Park District would reimburse CPD up to $2 million for 2016, $4 million for 2017 and 2018, and $2 million for 2019.



The committee will also take up an ordinance (O2017-1968) introduced by Committee Chair Ariel Reboyras (30) on behalf of the Department of Fleet and Facilities Management that donates an “outdated Department of Aviation / Chicago Fire Department Triage Unit” to the 5-11 Club, Inc., a nonprofit that provides food and beverages to first responders on the scene of an emergency. (The organization’s website further details these “canteen services.”)