10th Ward: Ald. John Pope v. Susan Sadlowski-Garza
Garza Leads By 33 Votes
When asked if they had plans to file, neither Ald. John Pope nor Susan Sadlowski-Garza’s campaign staff would make a statement on the record.

“We have not determined if we are going to file,” Jake Breymaier, campaign manager for Ald. John Pope, told Aldertrack late Sunday afternoon. Breymaier said that Ald. Pope’s lawyers are still weighing their options.

The Sadlowski-Garza campaign refused to comment on the record.

16th Ward: Ald. Toni Foulkes v. Stephanie Coleman
Foulkes Leads By 148 Votes
The Coleman campaign did not respond to inquiries and the Foulkes campaign declined to speak on the record.

21st Ward: Ald. Howard Brookins, Jr. v. Marvin McNeil
Brookins Leads by 286 Votes
Neither the Brookins or McNeil campaigns responded with comment by publication.

31st Ward: Ald. Ray Santiago v. Milagos “Milly” Santiago
Santiago Leads by 86 Votes
In the 31st Ward, additional absentee ballots have eaten away at Milagros “Milly” Santiago’s small lead over Ald. Ray Suarez.

On Election Day, with 100% of precincts reporting, Santiago received 131 more votes than Ald. Suarez. Santiago declared victory that night but Ald. Suarez refused to concede. The most recent count has her ahead with 86 votes, after Ald. Suarez picked up 55 absentee votes since Saturday.

When asked if Santiago had plans to file a formal petition as a safeguard, Xavier Nogueras, campaign spokesman, said the campaign was “discussing it with their lawyers” and will remain “vigilant” in monitoring the ballots as they trickle in.

“We think that our lead is significant at this point,” Nogureas added. “There aren’t going to that many absentees and provisional ballots left.”

43rd Ward: Ald. Michele Smith v. Caroline Vickrey
Smith Leads By 86 Votes
Campaigns for 43rd Ward candidates Ald. Michele Smith and Caroline Vickreyboth told Aldertrack yesterday they will not file recount petitions on Monday.

The Vickrey campaign will, “wait to see how the results [from the remaining absentees and provisional ballots” play out, according to June Rosner, spokesperson for the Vickrey campaign.

“We want to be respectful of the process and wait until all the votes are counted,” said Sean Tenner, campaign manager for Ald. Smith.

The 43rd Ward race is the only aldermanic race where the leading candidate has changed as a result of the first counts of absentee ballots. Ald. Smith is the current front-runner with 86 votes, according to the Board of Election’s latest count on Saturday. The day after the Election, Vickrey had a 6 vote lead over Ald. Smith, after the Board of Elections tallied up the ballots for two precincts that were unable to remotely transmit their results on Election Night.

Since then, Ald. Smith picked up 342 absentee votes on Thursday, 43 absentee votes on Friday, and 24 absentee votes on Saturday, while Vickrey added 267, 31, and 19 absentee votes, respectively.