Late Monday night, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office announced plans to appoint non-profit leader Sophia King to replace Will Burns for an interim term as 4th Ward Alderman. Aldertrack had previously reported King as one of the potential candidates for the vacancy, but when Aldertrack called early yesterday evening to confirm with King, the chairman of her political campaign fund for 4th Ward Alderman, Evonne Taylor, said, “I didn’t hear that” King was a finalist and that her appointment was news to her, though the Mayor’s office said he interviewed finalists last week.

The term will only extend to Spring 2017, when the city will conduct a special election for the seat. King will appear in front of the Rules Committee today and will face a confirmation vote by the City Council on Wednesday, and then, once approved, will be sworn in as part of the full meeting of the Council, the Mayor’s Office says.

The appointment had been closely held secret for weeks. During City Council committee meetings yesterday, some aldermen present told Aldertrack they hadn’t heard any updates, other than receiving notice that a name would be released today, which was included on the Rules agenda released last week. Others had heard three finalists had been picked, but could not name any of them. Eighteen people applied for the position, according to the Mayor’s Office. The Mayor’s Office has refused to release a list of candidate names or finalists.