In response to the Chicago Teachers Union’s decision to strike on April 1st, Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool said the city will open more than 250 contingency sites where parents can drop off their kids, while warning teachers that since the strike is illegal, if they choose to walk out, they won’t get paid that day.

Noting that it’s unlikely there will be enough teachers to staff classrooms because of the strike, Claypool said the district will work with the city’s Park District and Public Libraries to make sure there are enough schools, parks, and libraries properly staffed on that day for students. A list with the exact locations will be sent out to parents next Tuesday.

Claypool also took yesterday’s announcement to warn the union that under state labor law, their “Day of Action” is an illegal one day strike, and therefore teachers won’t be compensated unless they hand in a doctor’s note. “Employees cannot use personal business days without a demonstrated need to be absent,” the district said in an emailed announcement.