Chicago City Council’s Latino Caucus will hold a conference at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall to demand Mayor Emanuel appoint current Interim Police Superintendent John Escalanteas permanent superintendent. The press conference is in response to yesterday’s Police Board announcement that three finalists had been chosen to submit to the mayor for consideration: Dr. Cedric L. Alexander, Anne E. Kirkpatrick, and Eugene Williams. Williams and Alexander are both African American, and Kirkpatrick is White; the Police Board posted each nominee’s resume and essay responses on its website.

It is possible Emanuel could send Lightfoot and fellow members back to the drawing board. In 2007, Mayor Richard M. Daley rejected Police Board’s first round of nominations to replace Phil Cline. Eight months later, Daley appointed Jody Weis to take over.  

Lori Lightfoot, head of the Police Board and the Police Accountability Task Force (PATF), told reporters she would not discuss applicants who didn’t make the cut, but said the city should be “grateful for Escalante’s service.” The release of the finalists’ names was delayed by two weeks. So are the recommendations from PATF. Lightfoot says those should be coming around April 15.