While no aldermanic positions were decided last night, many aldermen’s political ambitions were affected by last night’s primary election results. Here’s a quick rundown of who should be happy or glum at today’s Council meeting.

Outright Winners

Proco “Joe” Moreno (1) – After a nail biter of a night, Moreno ended up with a 211 vote lead (out of 12,475 cast) and one precinct left to report over challenger Maria Theresa Gonzalez. Math suggests there aren’t enough absentee ballots and remaining votes for Gonzalez to win. Gonzalez’ campaign was heavily supported by Cook County Democratic Chairman Joe Berrios, who has been feuding with Moreno.

Susan Sadlowski-Garza (10) – She consolidated control over her ward by winning Democratic Committeeman over Fred Carrizales 74-25%.

Mike Zalewski (23) – An easy win for Democratic Committeeman against Charles Hughes, 74-26%.

Ariel Reboyras (30) – Rumor was that he was “concerned” about his race for Democratic Committeeman against Noe Favela. He shouldn’t have been since he won 70.5-29.5%.

Patrick O’Connor (40) – He beat back Dianne Daleiden for Democratic Committeeman 54-45%. This is a narrower margin than when she challenged him for Alderman last Spring.

Returns On Investment

Pat Dowell (6) – She also went in big against State Rep. Ken Dunkin, but also backed Sonya Harper in the 6th State Rep. race. Harper won a 4-way race with 32%.

Brendan Reilly (43) – He went in big against State Rep. Ken Dunkin, who lost last night. But he also backed Jay Travis for State Rep. against incumbent Christian Mitchell. Travis hasn’t conceded yet, but the unofficial returns are against her.

Losses On Investment

Raymond Lopez (15) – Last night was bad for him, as he managed Ald. George Cardenas’ losing campaign for 12th Ward Dem. Committeeman and his candidate for 6th District State Rep., Genita Robinson, lost to Sonya Harper.

Matt O’Shea (19) – He went in big for Anita Alvarez for State’s Attorney. That didn’t turn out so good.

Deb Mell (33) – Hard to call it an “investment” since it’s her dad, but perhaps the night’s biggest story is that incumbent Dem. Committeeman, Dick Mell is down by 143 votes in last night’s unofficial results to challenger Aaron Goldstein, who ironically was Mell’s son-in-law Rod Blagojevich’s attorney. Keep in mind, that Deb Mell was down by 8 votes in last Spring’s aldermanic election, and ultimately gained enough absentee votes to win 50%+1. This isn’t over yet.

Marge Laurino (39) – Her former staffer and campaign treasurer, Patrick Malloy, lost for Dem. Committeeman to Robert Murphy by almost 10 points. Murphy lost to Laurino for Alderman last Spring, and is rumored to be aiming for her seat in 2019.

Anthony Napolitano (41) – His backed candidate for Dem. Committeeman, Andrew Devito, was trounced by Tim Heneghan by 26 points in a three-way race. Devito and Napolitano were slammed as “Republicans” in mailers sent to the ward.

Outright Losers

Michelle Harris (8) – Her anemic campaign for Cook County Clerk of Courts against Dorothy Brown never really took off. Although she lost, returning to Council as Rules Committee Chair isn’t much of a come down.

George Cardenas (12) – In a fight for dominance over the Southwest Side, Cardenas lost his challenge to former ally and friend, State Sen. Tony Muñoz for Dem. Committeeman 53-47%. Cardenas has been gradually building influence, including becoming Chair of the Council Latino Caucus, as a run up to the coming top Latino contest: Cong. Luis Gutierrez’ seat after he retires. His loss last night dings him for that effort.

Toni Foulkes (16) – After scrapping to be appointed to the vacant Ward Committeeman seat left by JoAnn Thompson’s passing, Foulkes ended up losing to her closest aldermanic competitor, Stephanie Coleman, who lost to her last spring. Coleman is also the daughter of former 16th Ward Alderman, Shirley Coleman.

Howard Brookins, Jr. (21) – He failed to win even 20% of the vote against incumbent Cong. Bobby Rush yesterday, suggesting that even if Rush were to retire, Brookins’ would barely have a leg up to succeed him.


Other Dem. Committeeman Changes

Tim Egan (2) – He ran an uncontested campaign to succeed Bob Fioretti.

Kevin Bailey (20) – Won an uncontested campaign to succeed Ald. Willie Cochran. Bailey forced Cochran into a runoff campaign for alderman last Spring.

Michael Rodriguez (22) – An ally and former staffer for Ald. Rick Muñoz, this seat was handed off to him.

Lucy Moog (43) – Wife of tech venture capitalist Matt Moog, and close friend of the Emanuel family, Moog was handed off the seat by Ald. Michele Smith.