FOP Lodge 7 President Dean Angelo has been forced into a runoff in his first re-election bid, FOP officials confirmed Friday evening. Angelo, serving his first term, garnered 34.8% of the vote. Kevin Graham came in second with 24.8% of the vote. Graham is an officer in the 19th district on the city’s North Side.

Six candidates were in the running. Former FOP President Mike Shields finished third. According to FOP bylaws, the runoff must occur within 30 days. FOP spokesperson Anne Kavanagh said that runoff date will likely be announced next week.

“We are in a runoff again, we were in a runoff last time,” Angelo told The Daily Line on Friday. “We’re not surprised by the amount of people that threw their hat in the ring to challenge us this time around. We kind of expected it. 34% out of 6 candidates is very good.”

“It’s one-on-one now, and my ability to do what I do compared to the ability to the person I’m running against is night and day.”

[Listen to our interview with Dean Angelo on The Aldercast.]

Other candidates Angelo supported also lost in the election, including his choices for 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Ray Casiano (beaten by Pat Murray) and Tom McDonagh (beaten by Martin Preib). Here is the sample ballot for candidates Angelo supported.

Angelo cast aspersions on both Graham and Preib–both members of “The Blue Voice” ticket–in a call with The Daily Line. “Kevin Graham touts himself as the past 1st VP of the State FOP Lodge. The State FOP Lodge is endorsing me,” Angelo said, arguing he’s put Lodge 7 on the map nationally, and solidified relationships with the  Illinois Labor Council, the Illinois Trooper’s Lodge, and the Cook County Sheriff’s Lodge.

Angelo said Preib, the new 2nd Vice-President, ran with “zero experience, zero time involved in the organization… never participated in the committee, but has a blog.”

Preib is the author of The Wagon and Other Stories from the City, a book which “chronicles the outer and inner lives of both a Chicago cop and the city itself,” and has a blog called “Crooked City“, where he “explores his doubts about the exoneration of convicted killers in the wrongful conviction movement, concluding that the movement is rife with corruption and that the offenders were guilty of the murders.”

We have an organization at risk here,” Angelo said. “We are still in the process of repairing the damage that was done by several of the people–some of which got re-elected, some of which got elected since the last debacle. We can ill-afford that slide again.”

Angelo says he believes members will ultimately see him as the best man at the bargaining table when the city and the FOP renegotiate their contract this summer. “We had a good contract last time, ⅔ of membership ratified it. It’s the first time we were able to get that done in almost 20 years. That was under my watch. I got retroactivity back on the table, that was lost at the hands of some of the same people that are touting all their expertise that were running in this past recent election and are trying to run against us again.”

Below are the winners, per the FOP.

For Office of 1st Vice-President: Pat Murray

For Office of 2nd Vice-President: Martin Preib

For Office of 3rd Vice-President: Jay Ryan

For Office of Recording Secretary: Greg Bella

For Office of Financial Secretary: Mike Garza

For Office of Treasurer: John Capparelli

For Office of Sergeant at Arms:

  • Michael Mette
  • Willliam Burns
  • Jim Jacsotazich

For Office of Trustees

  • Ken Hauser
  • Mark Donahue
  • Bill Dougherty
  • Dan Trevino
  • Sergio Escobedo
  • Carlos Salazar
  • Ron Shogren
  • Joe Gentile
  • Andrew Cantore
  • Fernando Flores
  • Rick King
  • Dan Gorman
  • Pat Duckhorn
  • Mark Tamlo
  • Mike Underwood
  • Harold Brown
  • Frank Quinn