A special meeting of Cook County’s Finance Committee is scheduled today to hear the impact of the state budget standoff on public safety and health programs. Last month, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and officials from her administration warned of the risk of the County having to lay off dozens of employees without tens of millions of dollars worth of state and federal grants that pass through Springfield.

In January, County CFO Ivan Samstein said “common knowledge has shifted”, and the possibility that a FY2016 budget for Illinois might never pass was becoming more plausible. Budget Director Tanya Anthony told commissioners 46 employees in public safety and public health could be laid off.

Today’s meeting will include presentations from Samstein on, “all state grants and other State of Illinois revenues that impact the 2016 Budget of Cook County,” Budget Director Tanya Anthony on what the County can do to balance the current FY16 budget without grant funds, and Cook County Health and Hospital System officials on all state funds owed to the system and the impact layoffs would have on county clinics and hospitals.