Ben Winick is no longer moving to a position with the Illinois Comptroller’s office and is seeking to stay in his current position heading up the City Council Office of Financial Analysis, according to City Council sources. Contacted by The Daily Line, Winick was unwilling to confirm or deny his plans, or why he is no longer moving to the Comptroller’s office, but sources confirmed his plans to stay put.

Tuesday morning, members of the Budget Committee are expected to receive a letter from Winick requesting they allow him to rescind his resignation, which was submitted last week.

Last Friday, The Sun-Times reported Winick was leaving his City Hall position to take up an analyst job with Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s office.

Winick was appointed to head the newly-created office of Financial Analysis in spring 2015, after serving as as a senior advisor to former Gov. Pat Quinn and as the director of the Illinois Office of Management and Budget.