Four years after Russian hack, Illinois voter registration system set for overhaul January 21, 2021 By Joel Ebert - More than four years after Russian hackers breached it, Illinois’ voter registration database is set for a revamp. Last month, members of the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBOE) voted to initiate the process to replace the statewide voter registration

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Council approval of Smart Lighting Program exposed communication, transparency issues in city ‘legislative process,’ watchdog finds January 20, 2021 By Erin Hegarty - A report published Tuesday by Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson seized on the City Council’s approval of the Smart Lighting Program as an example of problems the office has observed when it comes to communication and transparency with aldermen over

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Tax credits for downtown office rehab, new industrial sites, Midway Culver’s set for committee approval January 21, 2021 By Alex Nitkin - Aldermen on Thursday will consider granting a $51 million, 12-year tax break for the rehabilitation of a downtown office tower alongside a handful of smaller tax credits for new industrial proposals around the city.

Scooters are here – what to expect on your street (or sidewalk)

After about a year of negotiations between bureaucrats and tech companies eager to unleash the shiniest new thing in one of America’s biggest cities, all eyes are on implementation of Chicago’s scooter pilot. Two transportation experts: Audrey Wennink, the Director of Transportation at the Metropolitan Planning Council, and Kyle Whitehead, the managing director of public affairs at the Active Transportation Alliance, will discuss their hopes (fewer cars, more people using transit) and worries (safety and equity) about the four month scooter pilot. Plus, Nico Probst from Lime tackles other scooter FAQs.


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