The Illinois Racing Form

Track Every Legislative Race In One Place

Over 200 pages of maps, data and campaign contribution analysis

Produced by the Illinois politics team at The Daily LineThe Illinois 2018 Primary Racing Form covers every state legislative race and candidate in each of Illinois’ 177 legislative districts for a one-time fee of $25. Order today and starting Tuesday, October 31, you’ll receive your weekly report – over 200 pages of maps, data and campaign contribution analysis – every Tuesday morning through Election Day, March 20.

If you’ve seen previous editions, you know that The Illinois Racing Form is exhaustive. Every Tuesday morning we’ll send you a PDF report. Then for the last month, we’ll send you a daily report up until Election Day that includes:

  • Map and list of candidates for each legislative district
  • Tally of potential funds available for each candidate campaign fund
  • Detailed insight into targeted races
  • Update on A-1’s filed each week
  • Tracking of legislative leadership and constitutional officer campaign committees

Stay on top of everything with The Illinois 2018 Primary Racing Form!

Illinois Racing Form

Detailed information on every state House & Senate campaign, as well as congressional and comptroller sent weekly to your email, then daily for the last month.

$25/one time fee

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