Our Subscription Policy

The Short Version

TDL is supported by memberships. That means, don’t share your website login or TDL newsletters except maybe now and then. If you break the rules, we’ll cut you off. If you want to add more people, we make it cheap and easy for you to stay honest.

The Long Version

The Daily Line is a membership supported independent publication. A membership provides an individual access to article archives on The Daily Line website and daily weekday emails with original reporting. Each membership, unless otherwise specified by previous agreement with The Daily Line, is meant to be read by one person. 

As a practice, The Daily Line encourages members to occasionally forward emails to colleagues and friends who might find our reporting valuable. However, members who forward emails more than once a week or share their website login are breaking the terms of their subscription and may have their subscription terminated. Terminated members will receive the remaining balance of their subscription fee on a pro rata basis.

Members with individual memberships may upgrade to a group memberships at any time, with their individual membership fee subtracted from the total group fee. Additional members may also be added to a group membership at a nominal rate.