It’s a new year, but there’s a lot of old business for aldermen to consider in 2018. Since the start of City Council’s 2015 term, dozens of big ordinances and resolutions have gathered dust, including an examination of the Finance Committee’s workers compensation section (R2016-94, Feb. 2016), a small donor matching program for municipal elections (O2016-232, Jan. 2016), hearings into job retention at companies with redevelopment agreements with the city (R2016-182, Mar. 2016), the “Back to Basics” TIF ordinance (O2016-8118, Nov. 2016), and CHA reforms in the “Keeping the Promise” ordinance (O2015-5397, Jul. 2015).

Here we’ll examine some of the bigger issues that have been introduced since May of 2016 that have yet to come up for a vote of the full City Council.

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