Rae Hodge

Prior to joining The Daily Line as our Springfield Editor, Rae Hodge covered the Kentucky Statehouse and established its first freelance capital bureau. Hodge has provided multimedia coverage of local, state, and international politics for the AP, NPR and the BBC. Hodge is a US-UK Fulbright Scholar and Alistair Cooke Fellow, receiving her M.Sc. in computational and data journalism from Cardiff University, after having earned an interdisciplinary B.A. in political journalism from the University of Louisville.

Articles by Rae:

Analysis: A Look at the Labor Landscape and Life After Abood

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Thursday it will consider Illinois’ “fair-share” case, Janus v. AFSCME. The suit, brought by state employee Mark Janus, is likely to trigger an overturn of a 40-year-old labor ruling, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, and kneecap public sector unions–the most heavily-organized sector of the American workforce.

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